Tourism Concierge

We open up a world of possibilities for you.

Elixirian is defined as any person that opts to become a member of our community or even asks for an one off ‘on demand’ service. Once you have become an elixirian , you can always remain an elixirian , as you can earn a lifetime registration in our networking community. 

We sell our travel concierge services only for members. We can set up for you a personalised membership , for any duration you wish , so that you can have our member’s travel benefits. Contact us to arrange an initial interview , so that you can find out more on how you can become a member of our community and take advantage of our bespoke, tailor made travel packages

Service Privileges:

Here you can find everything that you need.

You either fancy domestic tourism or tourism abroad , we can advise you and organize for you , through our experienced partners, the best , tailor made packages in the market.


We can refer you and book for you the room or villa of your dreams . We have checked and handpicked ourselves our providers in order to share common views with us on how luxury is redefined


You either want a taxi on a better price than the one you ll find by yourself or a helicopter to transfer you to your destination , we have all the solutions for you.


We have chosen the best tours and excursions for you , in order to help you with spending your time n Athens productively and originally.