Become part of an exclusive network of providers for the members of elixir.

Our providers are our most prized asset and we always ensure the quality of service each delivers to our customers. We handpick all our partners to safeguard the service we provide to our members. Elixir providers get a chance to advertise to a very distinct clientele and we ensure we only liaise with customers that fit your company’s profile and gravitas. So If you own a high caliber business in Athens or Greece that can provide value to our members and want to have the privilege to offer your services to our handpicked elixirians from around the world contact us at sending a quick description of your company.

ELIXIR establishes a Win-Win 3 parts Relationship

Elixir gets no financial reward from providers, as far as it regards our Members referrals

Providers are compensated by members, acquire higher sales volumes and expand their clientelle to members, of an elite club of individuals

Elixir benefits from the uniqueness of experience , our providers, offer to our members

Members take advantage of the priorities , complimentary services and /or discounts that a high callibre, carefully selected, group of providers offers to them. This way, they get back, part of their membership fee and take advantage of a luxury service, of a personal concierge, saving time and expanding their comfort zone, with a minimum cost per day.