Business Concierge

Εlixirian is defined as any person that opts to become a member of our community or even asks for an one off ‘on demand’ service. Once you have become an elixirian , you can always remain an elixirian , If you wish , as you earn lifetime registration in our networking community. Our business concierge service is sold only as part of our memberships.

We can set up for you a personalised membership, for any duration you wish , so that you can take advantage of our member’s business concierge benefits. Either you want to work remotely from Athens and you need help and advise on how you will professionally organize that , or you are a young entrepreneur who is starting his business or an already established businessman that needs help with organizing the daily infrastructure of his/her company , contact us to arrange an initial interview , so that you can find more on how you can become a member of our community.

Enterpreunership facilitating

  • IT consulting
  • Marketing
  • Legal input
  • Accounting


  • Daily Infrastructure organization

Remote work in Greece

  • Relocation Services for professionals that work remotely